Ninonekw, The Japanese Girlfriend of iShowSpeed Explored Including Net Worth, Bio, Age, Instagram!

Ninonekw and iShowSpeed
  • Ninonekw is the girl that internet personality, iShowSpeed “rented” for a day as his girlfriend.
  • The stream that featured her was four hours long and she managed to attract a lot of admirers.

iShowSpeed’s Japanese Girlfriend, Ninonekw

Ninonekw became a girl of interest in social media in July 2023 after internet sensation iShowSpeed “rented” her for a day as his girlfriend in Japan.

The stream had millions of views and she appeared for four hours in the stream. With her cute looks and attractive personality, she became a subject of interest among a lot of viewers.

Ninon and Speed spent the day together
Ninon and Speed spent the day together (Source: Youtube)

Over the past month, her Instagram has been getting thousands of followers each day.

They aren’t exactly dating as of now and it was just for a day. However, with curiosity surrounding the Japanese beauty, let’s take a closer look at Ninonekw.

What is the Net Worth of Ninonekw in 2024?

Ninonekw currently has an estimated net worth of around $95,000 as of 2024. Her main sources of income includes acting and her social media following.

Japanese actresses earn an average of around JPY 10 million per year which is roughly around 70.7k USD. So, we can assume she is earning in that range. 

On Instagram, she is on track to reach 500k followers after which she’ll likely be able to earn up to $650-$700 per post.

Also, she has over 700k followers and more than 4.8 million likes on her TikTok videos already which is also estimated to increase in the coming months. Her current earning per video is estimated to be roughly $1200.

iShowSpeed, on the other hand, is one of the most famous names on social media right now and boasts an impressive net worth of over $12 million already at the age of 18. He actually became a millionaire at the age of 16.

Ninonekw (Source: Instagram)

iShowSpeed’s Japanese Girlfriend, Ninonekw’s Age, Height, Body Measurements

As of 2024, Ninonekw’s age is 18. She was born in Japan on December 10, 2004. Her real name is Ninon.

The Japanese cutie stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and her weight is about 49 kg (108 lbs). 

She has beautiful brown eyes and light brown hair. Her body measurements for chest, waist, and hips are 32-23-33.

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Ninonekw is an actress and social media personality

Ninonekw is a rising Japanese actress. She began taking acting classes from an early age.

Her debut acting role came in the movie Blue Wind Blows. Following a minor role in her first movie, she landed the role of Kozue Tamura in the movie Makuko the following year.

In 2020, Ninon made another appearance on screen, this time in the movie, Hoshi no ko. The following year, she featured as Nakayama’s daughter in the movie, Yanagawa.

These are the four roles that she has taken so far. But, the future looks bright and she looks set to star in many acting roles in the future.

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