Hello Prenup Shark Tank Net Worth 2024, Founders, and Growth

Hello Prenup Shark-Tank

Hello Prenup is a company that specializes in online prenuptial deal creation that recently appeared on Shark Tank and boasts a net worth of $2 Million. Around 44% of Americans choose to sign prenuptial contracts prior to getting married.

A Brief Introduction to Hello Prenup and its Founders

Hello Prenup is an online platform that provides couples with prenuptial agreement assistance, eliminating the need for a lawyer.

The couple uses Hello Prenup to generate an online prenuptial agreement that outlines how they will divide their assets if they ever decide to end their marriage.

Sarabeth Jaffe and Julia Rodgers are the co-founders of the company. Sarabeth has experience as a software engineer at Microsoft, Unloop, and Karat, while Julia has spent 8 years counseling individuals going through divorce at Mavrides Law.

The co-founders, coming from diverse backgrounds, have developed a comprehensive and meticulous approach to prenuptial agreements based on their expertise.

Company Name Hello Prenup
Founders Sarabeth Jaffe and Julia Rodgers
Asked for $150k for a 10% equity
Final Deal $150k for a 30% equity
Annual Income $400,000 +
Net Worth $2 Million

Hello Prenup Pre Shark Tank

Julia, an experienced attorney, was well-versed in prenuptial agreements and had assisted numerous couples in drafting them. Julia Rodgers has developed Hello Prenup, a cooperative and affordable prenuptial agreement that seeks to make the process enjoyable for couples.

In March 2021, Julia and Sarabeth joined forces to investigate a unique co-founder. During the following 6 months, they collaborated virtually using Zoom calls, starting from their first encounter all the way to their appearance on Shark Tank.

This establishment provides an affordable option for prenuptial agreements. It allows couples to avoid the discomfort of discussing these contracts with a third party.

Hello Prenup Post Shark Tank

Nirav and Kevin are both partners in a company, with each of them having a 30% stake in the business. Nirav brings his extensive technical knowledge and a vast database, while Kevin has made significant investments in the marriage industry and possesses comprehensive data on wedding couples.

The development of Hello Prenup will be boosted by the involvement of the two sharks. Twitter users praised the business concept as ingenious after seeing it on Shark Tank. The prenuptial contract outlet, previously limited to individuals from Massachusetts, has now been expanded to a wider audience.

The platform provides prenuptial contract assistance in a wide range of states, including California, Arizona, Arkansas, and many others. In addition, they offer prenuptial agreements with unique terms and conditions that cater to multinational couples. Notable investors include Kevin O’Leary, Nirav Tolia, and Brian Liu from LegalZoom.

Hello Prenup Founders
Hello Prenup Founders

Net Worth Update of Hello Prenup Shark Tank

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, the company’s deals have skyrocketed by 500%. It has expanded its reach to encompass over 32 states and now aims for nationwide coverage.

Kevin, Nirav, and Brian Liu have recently joined Hello Prenup as investors. The company also offers financial and asset management services for couples. We will keep a close eye on Sarabeth Jaffe, Julia Rodgers, and their firm for further updates.

Is it still operating?

Indeed, Hello Prenup continues to operate successfully in 2024. In the past, Julia invested a significant amount of her personal funds into the company, totaling $130,000. This company has garnered attention from prestigious media outlets like The New Yorker, CNN, and Forbes.

In December 2022, the online prenuptial contract platform experienced a significant increase in monthly traffic, reaching an impressive 70,000 visitors. A significant portion of users directly access the platform, while a majority of them discover it through organic search.

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