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Abby Pollock is a Canadian YouTuber and social media personality known for fitness content across various social media platforms. She has an estimated net worth of around $1 million as of 2024.

Abby Pollock Net Worth 2024: Income from YouTube

As of 2024, the channel Abby Pollock has over 1.1 million subscribers and over 197 million views to date. The channel can receive 200,000 views a day on average from various sources. From the advertisements that run on the videos, this should bring in an estimated $25,000 every month ($385,000 yearly).

After YouTube deducts its cut, video providers on YouTube with locations in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia typically receive payments between $2 and $12 for every 1000 sponsored views in most genres. The typical range of monetized views is 40% to 80% of the total views.

A number of variables, including the device being used, the season, the viewer’s location, the number of advertisements in a video, the number of viewers that skip the commercials, the kind of advertisement, the level of engagement, the kind of content, etc., affect all of these.

In addition to advertisements, YouTube content creators may make additional money through channel membership, shopping, Superchats & Superstickers, Super Thanks, YouTube Premium, and Super Thanks.

Abby Pollock
Abby Pollock

Abby Pollock earns additional money from brand deals, sponsorships, and collaborations with companies. She is a partner with a fitness company, The Team Plans. She also makes money from modeling.

Keeping all of these factors in mind, it can be estimated that the YouTuber has a total net worth of around 1 million dollars.

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Net Worth Facts

Net Worth: $1 million (*approximate)
Name: Abby Pollock
Monthly income: N/A
Yearly income: N/A

All You Need To Know About Abby Pollock

Abby Pollock began sharing updates about her journey and experiences on social media as she was going through her transformation. Her narrative suddenly struck a chord with a large number of people, and she began to gain notoriety.

Additionally, Abby was able to speak with major women’s lifestyle publications in interviews where she shared her experience and described how she turned her life around. Her fan base grew even more as a result.

After gaining a respectable Instagram following, she started sharing inspirational images and videos. Abby wished to assist other ladies who were having weight problems by using her platform.

She started a YouTube channel as a result of her meteoric rise to fame. With the intention of reaching a wider audience, Abby Pollock began producing lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness videos. Thanks to the positive feedback on her videos, Abby became well-known for her fitness content.

Abby Pollock: Bio, Real Name, Age, Nationality, Interests

Abby Pollock’s real name is also Abby Pollock. Her age is 33 years old. She was born on October 15, 1994, in Toronto, Canada.

Abby Pollock on Instagram
Abby Pollock on Instagram

Despite her constant physical activity and participation in sports, Pollock yearned for slenderness. Abby struggled with the symptoms of bulimia (extreme preoccupation with body form and weight) and anorexia (lack of food) when she started graduate school. She was also 20 pounds underweight.

Following a low-calorie diet plan for some time, Abby Pollock discovered she was always exhausted and lacking in energy. She knew at that point that she needed to alter her way of life.

When she learned that her father had cancer in 2013, it was the last straw for her previous diet regimen. In addition to problems in her romantic life, this awful news had Abby searching for a solution to end her agony. (both emotional and bodily).

Abby, who was inexperienced in the gym, engaged a personal trainer and a nutritionist to design an exercise program and a high-protein diet to aid in her body transformation.

Is Abby Pollock married? Husband, Relationship

Talking about Abby Pollock’s personal life, she is married to Matthew Pollock.

Abby Pollock and Matthew Pollock
Abby Pollock and Matthew Pollock

They also have a child together. Their daughter‘s name is Bean, who was born on October 14, 2022. She keeps sharing pictures of her daughter and husband on Instagram.

Quick Facts

Real Name: Abby Pollock
Date of Birth: October 15, 1994
Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight: 70 kg (155 lbs)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Profession: YouTuber, Social Media Personality
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 33
Relationship: Married
Husband’s Name:
Matthew Pollock

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

The star’s height is 5 feet 7 inches, and her weight is 70 kg.

The color of her hair is brown, and her eyes are also brown.

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Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok

Abby Pollock is active on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Her social media feeds are packed with pictures and videos of her at different places.

Her Instagram account has over 785 thousand followers. She has also managed to gain around 66k followers on Facebook, and 215k followers on TikTok. Her usernames on these platforms are: 

Instagram: @abby
Facebook: @abbypollockfit
TikTok: @ampollo
X (Twitter): @AbbyPollockFit

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