How Rich is Viper Rapper? Net Worth 2024, Arrest News, Wiki, and More

Rapper Viper

Known by his stage name Viper, Viper is an American rapper and record producer who is well-known in the music business. Viper has established himself as a unique personality in the hip-hop genre thanks to his unusual approach and distinctive style.

Viper Income: Net Worth 2024

Viper has a net worth of more than $1 million. His vast song archive serves as his main source of revenue. He has already put out an astounding 1,500 albums, so he has a good body of work to support his income.

Viper monetizes his recordings and expands his fan base by making his songs available on services like Spotify and iTunes. Furthermore, even if the albums were mostly composed of rehashed, chopped, and screwed content, his determination to release nearly one album every day on average in 2014 shows a prodigious work ethic that probably increases his revenue sources.

Net Worth Facts

Net Worth: $1 million (*approximate)
Name: Viper
Earnings: N/A
Yearly income: N/A
Viper Rapper
Viper Rapper

Was rapper Viper arrested? Arrest News

Viper, the notorious meme rapper, was accused of aggravated kidnapping on January 4, 2024, in southeast Houston, and was immediately placed under custody. The accusations leveled against him are extremely unsettling; they concern the alleged abduction of a woman who stated she had been detained against her will for a number of years.

The victim accused Viper, whose actual name is Lee Carter, of drugging her without permission, repeatedly mistreating her, and confining her by locking her inside a garage at a southeast Houston home, according to court filings.

Concerns about the dark underbelly that might exist underneath the glitzy exterior of the music industry were raised when word of Viper’s arrest went through the entertainment community.

The meme rapper, who gained notoriety for his strange online character and unorthodox musical taste, is currently in a predicament that is diametrically opposed to his public image. The ongoing legal actions will provide additional insight into the significant charges levied against Viper, with a preliminary hearing set for January 8.

Viper the Rapper: Career As A Musician

Originally going by the name Lee Dogg, Viper debuted as a musician in 1997 as “J-Ride” on the soundtrack of the movie Fifth Ward. His first album, which was originally called Lee Dogg before being renamed Hustlin’ Thick, was released on October 7, 2003, marking the beginning of his musical career.

The CD, which he co-produced with musicians from the local label Dope House Records, signaled the start of his professional development. In the early 2000s, he changed his name to Viper and kept putting out mixtapes under his Rhyme Tyme Records label, feeling frustrated by his lack of exposure.

His album You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack wasn’t well-known until 2013 when its title tune went viral on YouTube and had over four million views. The album’s eye-catching artwork and provocative title made it an online craze.

In addition to his artistic accomplishments, Viper is credited with helping to create cloud rap, a subgenre distinguished by ethereal beats and ambient soundscapes. Throughout his career, Viper has become well-known not just for his music but also for his peculiar online persona, which frequently embraces meme culture and generates viral moments.

Over the course of several decades, Viper’s influence has expanded beyond his work as a rapper and producer, positioning him as a significant player in the development of hip-hop and the investigation of avant-garde musical genres.

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Viper on his YouTube channel
Viper on his YouTube channel

Viper: Bio, Real Name, Age, Nationality, Education

Viper’s real name is Lee Arthur Carter. His exact age is 52 years old.

He was born on October 7, 1971, in El Dorado, Arkansas, USA. His origin is from Houston, Texas, U.S.

He showed early evidence of his musical ability, beginning to learn the piano at the age of five. His family relocated to Houston, Texas’s Hiram Clarke neighborhood, the next year.

When Viper was nine years old, he made his debut in the rap world. In 1997, he made his feature film debut with his brother Greg’s film “Fifth Ward.”

Sadly, his mother, Betty, who was 79 years old, passed away in 2021. His father, Lymell, is a pastor. Carter himself has been married multiple times and is the father of seven children.

Viper, also going by the name “Black Jesus,” says he is the second coming of Jesus.

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Quick Facts

Real Name: Lee Arthur Carter
Date of Birth: October 7, 1971
Place of Birth: El Dorado, Arkansas, U.S.A
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Lee Dogg, Rapper Viper, Viper the Rapper, Cobra, Diemondback, Vipes, J-Ride
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Profession: Rapper, Record Producer
Nationality: American
Age: 52
Relationship: Married

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, TikTok

Viper is active on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. However, he is not active on platforms like Facebook and TikTok. His social media feeds are packed with images of him at various functions as well as information on his career.

He has more than 34.3k followers on his Instagram account and 90k followers on Twitter. His usernames on the platforms are:

Instagram: @vipertharappa
X (Twitter): @RapperViper
Facebook: N/A
TikTok: N/A
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