Hazel-E Before Surgery Pics, Nose Job, Net Worth, Age, Husband, and more


Hazel-E is an American rapper and reality TV personality who rose to fame with the show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Recently, she has been in talks on social media because of her nose job.

Hazel-E: History, Career, Net Worth 2024

Hazel-E originally made her musical debut in Cincinnati, Ohio. She started out as a public relations professional before deciding to use music as a medium for self-expression.

She traversed the hip-hop landscape with the guidance of well-known figures in the field. Her name was made in the industry thanks to the numerous mixtapes and EPs she released. Her genuine style captivates listeners by fusing raw, gritty energy with strong lyrics.

Hazel-E made a big professional move in 2014 when she signed on to VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. During her multi-season run on the show, she had a platform to grow her fan base and brand.

Her fiery attitude and poignant narratives also attracted the viewers, making her a prominent character in the series. Her net worth was significantly boosted by her popularity on reality TV, reaching around $400,000 in 2024.

There’s more to Hazel-E’s enterprising drive than just music and TV. She started her own brand, Hazel-E Cosmetics, which features a colorful assortment of items that capture her passion for eye-catching, dramatic looks. Her financial situation has improved as a result of this endeavor, which has generated additional revenue.

Her charitable endeavors also include body positivity and anti-bullying campaigns. She has highlighted the significance of self-acceptance and self-love by using her position and expertise to spread awareness of these concerns.

Hazel-E Nose Job: Before Surgery Pics

Following a dune bike accident in Dubai in 2015, Hazel-E underwent a nose job (or rhinoplasty). She has been candid about her experience having plastic surgery.

She claimed that she had to repair the damage to her face from the accident, which resulted in the loss of one of her front teeth and a broken nose. Hazel-E’s nose operation results were striking and apparent; she moved from having a wide, flat nose to a more refined and small one.

Hazel E before and after surgery
Hazel E before and after surgery

Hazel-E reported that her nose job had improved her confidence and self-esteem and that she was pleased with the outcome.

Hazel-E had multiple plastic surgery procedures in addition to her nose job. She also underwent skin tightening, laser treatments, breast reduction, and veneers on her front four teeth.

The controversy surrounding Hazel E’s plastic surgery journey has divided her supporters and detractors. While some commended her for her bravery and honesty, others called her insincere and phony.

Hazel-E, on the other hand, has consistently stood by her decisions and shown pride in her change.

Left: Before surgery, Right: After surgery

Net Worth Facts

Name: Hazel-E
Net Worth: $1 million (*approximate)
Earnings: N/A
Yearly income: N/A

Hazel-E: Bio, Real Name, Age, Nationality, Interests

Hazel-E’s real name is Arica Tiffany Adams. Her age is 43 years old. She was born on April 25, 1980, in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States.

She has a sister named Lamiya Star, who is a singer. After earning her degree from Southwest Texas State University, Hazel began working as an actress and publicist for musicians such as Trey Songz, Tank, and Soulja Boy.

Is Hazel-E married? Husband, Relationship

Talking about Hazel-E’s personal life, she was married to De’Von Waller, a former football player and model.

The couple got married in September 2020 and have been together ever since. The couple’s extravagant Las Vegas wedding was documented for Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. In June 2020, they also welcomed their daughter, Ava Dio Waller, as their first child.

Hazel-E with her daughter and ex-husband
Hazel-E with her daughter and ex-husband

Hazel E announced her divorce from her husband on Instagram in November 2022, citing abuse both she and their daughter had suffered at his hands. She shared screenshots of Waller’s infidelity scandals with other women and a number of unsettling images of his violent actions.

Quick Facts

Real Name: Arica Tiffany Adams
Date of Birth: April 25, 1980
Place of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)
Weight: 71 kg (156 lbs)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Profession: Rapper, Reality TV star, Entrepreneur
Nationality: American
Age: 43
Relationship: Single
Ex Husband’s Name:
De’Von Waller

Height and Weight

The star’s height is 5 feet 6 inches, and her weight is 71 kg.

She has brown colored hair and brown colored eyes.

Her amazing physique, gorgeous looks, and amazing character make her even more attractive in person.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), YouTube

Hazel is active on the social media sites Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), and YouTube. She shares snippets of her life on Instagram, where she has over 1.5M followers. In addition, she has around 10.5k subscribers on YouTube and 200k followers on Twitter. Her usernames on these platforms are:

Instagram: @hazelebaby
X (Twitter): @hazelebaby
YouTube: @hazelebaby
Facebook: @itshazelebaby
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